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App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization (ASO) Services in India

Before we delve deeper into ASO, let us first understand what ASO is and why it is so important to your business. App Store Optimization, popularly known as ASO, is a process of enhancing the visibility of a mobile application on the app stores such as iTunes for iOS, Google Play Store for Android, Windows Store for Windows Phones, BlackBerry World for BlackBerry. The primary objective of ASO is similar to SEO i.e. achieving a higher ranking. The higher your mobile app ranks, the more it will be visible to prospective customers.  This leads to more traffic and ultimately increases the number of downloads of the app.

Now, if you are wondering why you need App Store Optimization (ASO) Services, consider that there are over 4 million mobile applications in iOS and Google Play Store combined. Getting their app discovered is one of the most challenging tasks that mobile app publishers are facing today.  If you’re into the mobile app space and looking for a way to increase the number of downloads of your app, you should get in touch with a professional digital marketing agency to avail ASO services in India.

The process of optimizing a mobile application can be divided into two partsThe process of App Store Optimization can be classified into two major parts-

Keyword Optimization

Keyword optimization is one of the most popular optimization techniques used across the world. It involves researching of keywords as well as understanding the nature of the customer and what they tend to write in the app store search box.  Once the analysis is completed, implementation of the best possible keywords is carried out by a professional ASO Company in India. There are various tools used in the keyword optimization process to ascertain the targeted keywords.

Asset Optimization

Asset Optimization includes the creation of an appealing app icon, making the best use of screen shots and promo videos. These have their own significance because the app icon and the screen shot are the things a user notices first before downloading any mobile application.If the icon and screenshot look good and appealing to the user, the probability of the application being downloaded increases. In addition to that, many app marketers or publishers create promo and preview videosofan app so that they serve as visual image of the app to users. When a user sees an appealing preview of a mobile application it increases the chances of their downloading the app.

Services We Offer

Being a leading digital marketing agency, we offer the entire gamut of ASO services in Noida, Delhi/NCR as well as in other states of India.The techniques that we employ to deliverASO services are as follows.

Use of Targeted Keywords in App Title and Description

The use of relevant keywords is a primary requirement if we want to improve the ranking of our app in the app store search results. We understand the importance of keywords and make the use of most of the keywords in the App Title and description. The keyword length in the App Title has been defined to be 255 characters, and we make sure that there is a proper use of keywords in the Title. Also, it should not facilitate “Keyword Stuffing”.

App Icon and Screenshots

Creating a good looking Icon and screen shots for an app that can attract the audience, at first sight, is a must-have. We have a team of creative designers who develop attractive icons and screen shots to grab eyeballs within seconds and tempt them to download the app.

Reviews and Ratings

People do read reviews and study the ratings of an app before downloading it.  So at ImpressicoDigital, we try to get the best reviews for you by several promotion methods so that people get a positive image of your app and feel enthusiastic about downloading it. It is no accident that we are among the popular ASO services providers in India.

Promo Videos

We have a team of artists who are professionals in making appealing videos with amazing graphics and animation. These videos are loved by all the viewers, leading to an increase in the app downloads.

App Conversion in Various Language

If you are looking for success in App store Optimization, you must have your App in various languages. We at ImpressicoDigital are capable of converting your Apps from one language to another so that it can be marketed in many countries.

App Publisher

We not only optimize the App but also promote the publisher’s name so that people can search for the app by the publisher’s name as well.

No matter whether you are looking for ASO services in Noida, Delhi or any other part of India, we’re just a click away from you.