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Mobile SEO

Why have Mobile SEO Services Become The Talk Of The Town?

In 2016, the inevitable happened. For the very first time, mobile surpassed desktop as the primary device used to consume digital information. For many of us, this didn’t come as a surprise since Google back in 2015 reported that searches on mobile were increasing at a great pace. Yet many businesses neglected to take this into account. On April 21, 2015, Google rolled out it’s “mobilegeddon” update which started punishing websites that weren’t mobile-friendly and announced that mobile-responsiveness would now be one of the significant factors for ranking at the top on search results. Since then, Mobile SEO Services have become the talk of the town. But, how do you know whether your website is mobile friendly or not? Well, the very first step is to get your hands on Google’s  Mobile-Friendly Test tool. Here all you need to do is enter your website’s URL, and Google will let you know whether your website is mobile friendly or not. Simple isn’t it?

Mobile SEO Services Offered by ImpressicoDigital

Being a reputed mobile SEO Company in India, we offer all-inclusive Mobile SEO services under one roof, from a creation of responsive mobile website designs to development for optimal viewing, because we understand that nothing can be more annoying to a user than waiting and waiting for a website to load completely. We always make sure that your website is well structured and that the content is presented in such a way that it fits perfectly on all mobile devices.  Not just this, we also ensure that the content of a mobile site is well-optimized.

Some Highlights of our Mobile SEO services:

  • Responsive website designing and development
  • Mobile-friendly content creation
  • Minimizing the latency in the mobile-friendly website
  • Customized and result oriented Mobile SEO services for businesses of all sizes
  • Targeted keyword research and analysis specifically for mobile-friendly websites
  • Informative conversion reports and conversion optimization services