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SEM Services

Pay Per Click Campaign Management Services

PPC or Pay Per Click is an online marketing strategy to drive traffic to websites. It is a paid form of advertising where an ad is shown mostly at the top of the search engine result page and if the ad is clicked then the advertiser has to pay a specific amount to publisher. The ad cost is based on a bid system that mainly says “The more you bid the higher you will be shown” on the result page. Normally, PPC Ads are shown at the top, bottom, or to the right side of the search engine result page. Most of the digital marketing companies provide PPC services in India and abroad where in they create and manage your campaign you have to assign them your daily budget and based on your budget, they run campaigns for you and try to render you leads/business.

PPC Advertisement Services By ImpressicoDigital

ImpressicoDigital has been dealing with PPC or Search Engine Marketing services in India for a long time. Since, PPC management is extremely important and one of the most crucial techniques in online marketing world, therefore, we have a dedicated team of Google certified professionals that handles PPC campaigns. Besides dealing with Bing Ads and Facebook paid advertising, our PPC experts in Delhi NCR primarily run Google Adwords campaigns and they not only deliver PPC services in Noida where we are located but they are working on some foreign projects as well.

PPC Advertising Platforms To Run Your Paid Ads

1. Google Adwords Campaign
2. Bing Ads/Microsoft Adcenter Campaign
3. Facebook Paid Advertising Campaign

Although, we provide full and affordable ppc management services but we mainly focus on the 3 above mentioned services because these services have turned out to be more successful over  a period of time-

1. Google Adwords-Google Adwords is owned and controlled by Google. It is an online advertising program by which we create online ads to reach our target audience. In this program, the advertisers bid on certain keywords to make sure their ads appear in the Google search results and as soon as an ad is clicked, the advertiser has to pay for the ad. Our PPC experts are vastly experienced and well trained in dealing with Adwords auction and bidding process. They are capable of even managing the most competitive keywords campaigns as well.

2. Bing Ads or Microsoft Adcenter-  Bing Ad is a service which provides pay per click advertising on Bing and Yahoo. Earlier it use to be called a Microsoft Adcenter. Bing ads work almost in a similar way as Google Adwords but the main difference is- In Google Adwords we have two separate line for ad description while in Bing Ads we have one longer line that allows to write the maximum of 71 characters.

3. Facebook Paid Advertising- Billions of users use Facebook so when we run a Facebook Advert, we choose the audience that can be customized according to their age, location, interest, and more. It means that we get to choose the type of people we want to reach that makes it more relevant and brings the real results.

Advantages of PPC

Instant Results :

Since PPC includes the paid services therefore, it gives us instant results firstly because the ads from PPC show at the top of the search result page and second the target audience is so specific in PPC advertising.

Improved ROI :

Search Engine Marketing methods may be little costlier than the normal organic marketing techniques however, if the clicked ads gets converted to a lead/sales it gives many times more profit than its actual cost per click. That is how it improves the return on investment for any business.

Qualified Traffic :

One of the main benefits that it has is relevant traffic because while creating PPC campaigns the experts have an option to target the specific type of audience based on their likes, location, age, and profession etc. This gives us the customer who are actually interested in our product or services.

Location & Time Scheduling :

Search Engine Marketing allows its users to create filters on the basis on any location where we think that we should be able to find qualified audience and in addition we can decide the time when we would like to play the campaign so that we can avoid incurring unnecessary expenses.

Specific Landing Page :

SEM lets us drive the traffic on any specific page of our choice. For instance, if we want that a customer should land on our homepage where all the detail information related to our ads is available, then we can have our ads linked to our homepage so that whenever a customer clicks on our ad, the link will take him/her to our home page.

Flexible Spending : 

Since all the companies have distinguished marketing budgets therefore, PPC allows the companies to decide their budget in advance. The campaigns will pause automatically once the specified budget is exhausted. The budget can be decided on a daily basis also.

Conversion Tracking :

Pay Per Click advertising allows us to have full control on it. The campaigns it includes not only show us the traffic but we can also track which ad or keyword is providing us with the maximum traffic and therefore, we can easily check our performance and conversion. This gives us the clear picture of our campaigns and allows us to update the campaigns and plan out the new strategies for the better results.