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Secret Revealed: Know How To Grow Your Twitter Audience Without Spending A Fortune

Believe it or not, but social media has ingrained in our everyday lives. Today, it becomes a necessity for business organizations to get on board. Undoubtedly, Twitter can turn out a successful marketing tool for businesses when used correctly. It not only provides a platform for Twitter marketing strategies to attract new customers, engage with loyal ones, but also helps in solidifying your branding, generates leads, and build connections with your prospects. But, you can’t experience all these benefits, unless you have real and active followers.

Having real and active followers on Twitter aren’t merely numbers, in fact, they hold a real value for businesses. You will be amazed to know that 36% of marketers admitted that they have gained prospects by using Twitter.So, before you dive into Twitter and set up your business account, what you need to keep in mind is that don’t go for quick fixes, like buying followers. It may offer you short-term growth, but in the long run, it doesn’t provide your business the kind of engagement it needs. And, there is no point of having millions of followers on your Twitter account, if hardly few of them are active and engage with your Tweets on a regular basis. So, here in this blog post, we are going to school you how to get real twitter followers without spending a dime.

#1 Must Have A Complete Twitter Profile – First Things First

On a crowded network like Twitter, if someone decides to follow your business page, chances are more that they’ll be checking out your profile before hitting the follow button. So, make sure your profile is compelling enough to drive them to hit the follow button. Here are some of the best ways to create a compelling twitter profile:

Name: While signing up for an account on Twitter handle, make sure your profile name reflects your brand in the best possible manner. Try to stay within the 15 character limit to get your business name fully displayed. The fewer characters the better.

Bio: In the bio section, you have160 characters limit to describe about your brand. Keep the description concise and engaging. To get ideas on how to write Twitter bio to increase your follower count, you can check out this guide.

Location: Mention your business address in the profile to let people know where they can find you.

Website: Give a link of your website or blog.

Profile picture: When your tweet something, your profile picture will be seen along with that tweet. So, you should make sure it’s of right size – 400×400 pixel is recommended.

Header Image: It is the large sized image situated at the top of your profile, which reflects a short glimpse of your brand.  Having a blurry, pixelated or stretched-out image can leave negative impression of your brand on potential new followers and they will consider you as unprofessional or clueless about Twitter handle.  So, make sure it is sized properly – 1500×500 pixel is Twitter recommendation.

#2 Create Valuable Content   

If you want people to follow your twitter handle and share what you tweet, you should publish only quality content. The common faux pas which most brands make on twitter is sharing irrelevant content or content which is not worthy of reading. If you are not sharing valuable content, why would anybody follow your page and share what you publish.

To grow your twitter audience, you need to first figure out who your target audience is and what sort of content they would love to see. Although, there are many online tools to get this information, but the best and easiest way is to look at your competitors twitter profile. Discover your top three competitors twitter profile and look at these things:

  • Who’s following them?
  • What are they sharing?

By looking at your competitors twitter profile, you can get an idea of what resonates with your targeted audience. Now, you need to pay extra attention to those tweets of your competitors which have received highest engagement. Collect all these information and take a note of the same. Your goal should not only find out what’s working, but also figure out why it’s effective. For example, when your competitors published the tweets which got highest engagement, this will give you an insight when your targeted audience is most active or likely to be engaged. Or, what you can do is use Twitter Marketing tool like Buffer which puts your content in front of your targeted audience when they are most active.

#3 Return Favors As Much As Possible

Follow those people who loved or retweet your tweets, especially when they took out time to read what you have shared and leave a comment with you. Also, whenever you get the time, take the opportunity to engage with them. By doing this, you will get a follower for life. The more you reach out to your audience, the more users will return. You can apply this trick to all your social networks be it Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or any other and grow your followers and community.

#4 Educate Yourself With Twitter Lingo

If you want to grow your twitter followers, you should be well-verse with quirky language, which is commonly used in tweets. To learn Twitter lingo, you can consider this guide.

#5 Ask for Retweets

Studies show that the most-favorite or retweeted posts often bear this phrase “please retweet” or “pls RT”.  When your tweet gets re-tweeted, it will be showed up in front of hundreds of people, sometimes even thousands or more.

For more twitter marketing strategies, you can reach us anytime.  If you have any question related to this post, you can comment down below. We’ll respond very soon.

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