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Webinar: How Can Businesses Make a Comeback Post Covid-19?

As businesses across the globe begin to reopen, organizations have begun to restart and restructure their operations. The challenge is really big with the uncertainties of how coronavirus pandemic will keep impacting business operations, financial matters, activities, and consumer behaviors. Businesses would need to respond by changing and building their capabilities and structures that lets them to prepare for unexpected situations.

Impressico Digital is going to conduct a webinar on “How Can Businesses Make a Comeback Post Covid-19?” on 4th Sep 2020. In this webinar, our experts will share some tips to overcome the challenges that come in the way of re-launching your business. This will include-

  • Why embracing innovation is important in the time of pandemic? How can we adopt a culture of innovation?
  • How workplaces globally will change post Covid-19 retreat?
  • Pandemic has significantly changed the work culture across the globe and what measures businesses should take to remain relevant in the new normal. Why it has become important for companies to encourage their employees to build their skills?
  • What measures organizations should take to ensure the well-being and safety of their employees?

We will also advice you on how organizations can change their HR policies to ensure business sustainability.

About the Speaker

Atul Kumar, Digital Marketing Manager at Impressico Digital Pvt. Ltd., Noida, India

Atul Kumar is an experienced and talented Digital Marketing Strategist with over 10+ years of experience. With an astute knowledge of the digital marketing domain, he has helped clients from different industry verticals overcome challenges that come their way of achieving organizational marketing objectives.

This webinar will surely guide the way of businesses on how to reopen and thrive in the marketplace once Covid-19 pandemic comes to an end. Register now.

Details about the Webinar-

Date- 5th Oct 2020

Time- 3 AM EST

Language- English

Mode- Hangout

Fee- Free

Contact Details-