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Why Choose Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Optimization aims at enhancing the awareness of a product or business across social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, StumbleUpon etc. Social networking sites are the most popular sites searched and used over the internet across the globe and hence it is very much imperative for a business to ensure its strong presence on social media.

Benefits of Social Media Optimization

  • Huge number of people to target
  • Improved brand image
  • Increased inbound links
  • Better conversion
  • Visual effect
  • Economical marketing method
  • Build customer relationship
  • Improved website ranking
  • Enhance customer engagement

In the present times, Social Media Optimization is one of the most significant and phenomenal ways of online marketing. It is not only about creating better brand image but also about tapping the huge audience that uses social media and that could be your future client base. Moreover, despite getting business from it, you can use it to take feedback and public opinion about your product or services. You can use it to increase participation in your business strategy building, and take the advantage of it in product development and recruitment as well. To put it simply, if your business is not visible on social media, it just means that you are missing out on millions of prospective customers.

How Social Media Marketing Boost Qualified Traffic?

Social media involves a plethora of channels and apart from that the number of social media users is extremely high. Now, there is a question whether or not social media profile, links, Facebook likes, and tweets play any part in Google’s rankings? The answer is YES!!! In order to boost traffic, the organizations providing Social Media Marketing services target all the social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Tumblr and Google+ etc, to reach out to the mass audience.

The rapid rise in social media platforms and their users has led Google and Bing to start taking the social signals into consideration. Google and Bing keep a close watch on how many tweets and re-tweets a URL has, how many likes and shares a Facebook post’s link has and what is the authority of the person who is tweeting and sharing the URLs. This leads to the business website rank high on the SERP’s that would eventually result in a dramatic increase in the traffic on the website.

Our SMO Services

  • Deep analysis of latest social media trends
  • Framing strategies for the business based on the analysis
  • Examining the traffic from social media
  • Exposure of business on all social networks
  • Time to time audit on social media services

Our Plan Of Action For Social Media Marketing

ImpressicoDigital has a separate marketing/branding team that provides top quality Social Media Marketing services in India in order to promote their clients’ products and services on social media networks. Our SMM team ensures that the business sites they are working on, gains popularity among millions of social network users. The team primarily focuses on current & contemporary Social Media Optimization services to divert traffic to the websites. This mostly leads to the maximum conversion and thereby generates more business/sales.

Millions of people use social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin etc.  Therefore, ImpressicoDigital being a leading Social Media Marketing company in India, always implements the most modern techniques to engage the maximum number of people on social network and thereby generate leads from them.

We are located in Noida that is close to the capital city of India-Delhi. We have a big list of  renowned brands extremely satisfied with our SMO services in Noida. This has been made possible because besides providing social media services, while we are creating our client’s profile over the internet on any social media channel, we also make sure that our client’s business information remains safe. It is our topmost priority to make sure that our clients do not become victims of identity theft, spamming, hacking as well as virus attacks. Our sincerity, dedication and a focused approach distinguishes us as one of the foremost social media marketing company in Delhi NCR, India.