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Genext Students creates an entire learning ecosystem for students, parents, and tutors, enabling them to connect, learn in the best possible way and grow to their maximum potential. It facilitates the tutors to stimulate holistic student development through in-person tutoring and highly personalized technology-driven learning through content, tests, and real-time progress tracking and analysis, thereby addressing the pressing need for quality education in the country.


This campaign’s objective was to enhance the website in terms of SEO, Traffic and Branding. We were able to achieve the goal with a credible online presence. The restructuring of the website involves:

  • Link creation.
  • Website optimization in terms of speed and structure.
  • Optimized content for search engines.

Result Delivered

Site traffic increased by 150%, and 90% of keywords genextstudents.com was on the 1st page in the top 10 of Google.

Services Offered


Project Show Case

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