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5 SEO Techniques that You Can’t Use

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is always recognized for good reasons. It works towards increasing the online presence of your business and the growth of your business in terms of money. Profits and losses are entirely dependent on the path you choose for promoting your business online. If you select the right path, you will have benefits and if you choose the wrong one, you may have consequences. Everything has some advantages and disadvantages and so does SEO. This is a process that contains multiple techniques for the online promotion of your business, however, it is you who must decide which method you want to adopt and which one you want to avoid.


SEO is full of both white-hat as well as black-hat practices. White-Hat techniques are those that the search engines approve of and on the other hand, Black-Hat methods are the ones that the search engines do not entertain. Black-Hat techniques are those unethical methods that a number of online promotion experts apply to promote a business online because by using them they can get quick results and their rankings may rise in the very short period of time. However, if they get caught by the search engines, the outcome could be anything. The website may be banned, it may be penalized, or its rankings may fall down that can hardly be achieved again.

So, today we shall delve into those SEO techniques that you can not afford to make use of when you want to survive in the long run-

Keyword Stuffing

SEO experts have several views on keywords. Some of them say that keywords are no longer relevant while some others still believe that keywords still have a lot of potentials. No matter whether you are using keywords as a strategy or just for the sake of it, keyword stuffing is always considered non-search engine friendly. As per Google’s Hummingbird update, if your web page is stuffed with keywords, then your content will be termed as lower-quality content. This may harm your rankings and may create a bad impression to the users.

Inorganic Link Building

Link Building is an integral part of the SEO process. People spend hours of time in creating high-authority links and these links help them achieve a decent place in the SERPs. However, engaging in some inorganic link building methods with the intention to create your authority faster may hurt you badly. Google does not encourage such unethical practices like paid links, creating links that are harmful and creating those irrelevant links which have nothing to do with your content. All these techniques are unnatural and considered as the Red Flags for your content.

Taking Shortcuts to Rank High  

Shortcuts may only work for a short span of time and SEO is known as a time taking process. Hence, if anyone claims that they can get you the ranking in a week or so in spite of the huge competition, it is an alarm for you. You should not hire any of these unauthentic agencies that want to help you rank high in a very short time. These agencies create harmful links and use unnatural techniques to promote your product or services which may have some unwanted consequences. Always remember that SEO takes some time to get you the results, it requires experience and a lot of efforts and you also have to pay a good amount of money in return of that. Therefore, just to save some money in your pocket you should not put the entire online future of your business into jeopardy.

Focusing only on Rankings

Undoubtedly your keyword rankings are extremely essential for your online promotion. It is also a way to evaluate the strength of your SEO strategy, however, it is just a part of the entire strategy. You can not only keep talking about the rankings. Rankings do have their own importance but what matters the most is the business that you are getting out of your SEO campaign. Your focus should be on diverting the relevant traffic on your target page rather than achieving the top rankings on SERPs. You may have the last rank on the first page but if you are getting those clicks which are getting converted then you are doing better than the top position holder who is getting a lot more clicks than you but getting the lesser conversion from those clicks.

Quantity of Content over its Quality

It is good to have longer content. A blog with 2000 words sounds pretty decent. However, does it really count when it does not have any value? There is a perception that only the longer content will be there at the top of the search result pages and it is true to some extent. But what if your content ranks top and it has nothing relevant to the viewers and readers. There would be a storm of traffic on your content or blog but they will fly away from it even faster. You may achieve good rankings but not the business and the engagement that you were looking for. Therefore, the quality of your content is primary and if you can maintain your quality with a quantity then it will be an added advantage for you.

If you manage to avoid these practices while doing SEO, then you can certainly keep a lot of trouble out of your way. Your comments are always valued, feel free to post your comments in the comment box below-

Atul Kumar

Atul Kumar is a Digital Marketing Manager at Impressico Digital with over a decade of experience, making him the go-to expert for SEO, PPC, Social Media, Email Marketing, and Content Marketing. With a deep understanding and expertise, Atul has helped numerous businesses improve their digital presence and strategies to maximize ROI.

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