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Unveiling Insane Tools To Turn Social Media Traffic & Website Visitors Into Sales Leads

The social media traffic is very easy to generate. Isn’t it? By running campaigns and ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter you can grab the eyeballs of hundreds of thousands of users on social media. But, the problem is that social media traffic is tough to convert into prospect customers. Don’t you think so?   

Actually, the users on social media are lurkers, they were not interested in paying close attention to anything. When they browse the internet, they were not looking for the answers (unlike in the case of Google search). And, if you want to convert your social media traffic into prospect customers, you need to do something unique and interactive. But, what’s that? Alright, let us unveil the best tools that will accelerate your social media traffic conversion.    

#1 Yotpo 


 This state-of-the-art tool uses updates of social media as product reviews. It is generally seen that people landing from popular social networks consider the other users’ reviews before making any purchase. Yotpo allows you to moderate your customer’s product reviews and select the positive one to display them on your site in a crisp and neat looking widget. 

#2 Sumome



This robust tool offers an array of email marketing tools that let you optimize your website for improved conversions. 

  • List Builder: It allows you to make smart rules for displaying a popup message when a user is about to leave the site or seems lost.
  • Scroll Box: It appears at the corner of the screen and tempts the users from there.  
  • Smart Bar: When a user scrolls the horizontal bar, it appears and tempts the user to pick in.

 All the aforementioned options are very customizable and let you create a smooth and seamless experience. Apart from all this, it has really cool analytics tools which allow you to adjust your page calls-to-action depending on how users respond to pop-up message. Moreover, Google Analytics Integration can really help in improving the conversions a lot. 

#3 Leadfeeder   


 The notable feature of Leadfeeder is that it connects to your Google Analytics and let you know the companies that landed to your website. They are sorted in such a way that the most active one appears at the top. Moreover, with the help of this tool, you can see the company’s basic information such as location, contact details, website link, number of employees and so on.