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5 Handy SEO Tools That All Online Marketer Should Use

SEO is based on a lot of analysis and research work. The goals are set in advance and you have to keep a track of each and every activity which is taking place on your website. Keeping the track of all the activities will give you a fair understanding of how your SEO strategies are being implemented and whether or not they are working in your favour. If everything is going well, it is fine and if not, then you have to change the strategy and again start watching the visits and traffic on your website again. This process goes on and on until you achieve your desired goal and even after that.

In order to keep a track of the performance of your website and SEO, there are multiple tools and resources that you can take advantage of. Out of the dozens of resources, there are a few paid tools which you might like to use on the other hand there are some free tools as well that most of the SEO or online marketers utilize these days. Today we shall discuss the most effective free tools that the majority of SEO personnel or online marketers frequently use to perform a complete analysis of their SEO work and to get to know how well their websites are doing?


The list of the most effective free tools is as below——

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a widely used resource that allows you plan the most relevant keywords for your website project and at the same time, it also shows the competition level of the target keywords in the market. It is basically used in case of paid advertising like Google Adwords however, it works just fine even for the organic keyword research as well. Based on the research and analysis by Google Keyword Planner, the SEO professionals decide the final keywords to promote on their campaigns and website.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster is one of the top quality tools that you can use. It is primarily meant to perform a health checkup for your website which means that it will display if there are any errors in your website. The errors could be a 404 error and the canonical errors besides that it will also provide you with the information in case your Title and Descriptions are not up to the mark and if you have the content duplicity on your website. In addition to this, it will also advise you the recommendations to fix the issues on your website.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is also one of the most widely used tools across the world because it has been invented to track the traffic on your website. You can add a number of websites in this tool and check each and every activity happening on your site. It will show you the bounce rate and the exit rate and apart from that you can even get to know which keyword is getting you the most traffic, where are you getting the traffic from, the age group of the audience that is visiting your site and which page is getting the most of the traffic. This analysis helps you plan the promotion strategies for your website and moreover, you can match your performance with your targets and start working on the areas where you are lacking behind.


SEMRush is again a powerful tool to figure out where do you stand. It will show the information about the organic search, paid search, backlinks and display ads if you have any. Apart from that, you can also get to see where do your competitors stand in competition with you. Both paid and free versions of SEMRush are available online.

Open Site Explorer

Moz’s Open Site Explorer is similar to Google Analytics in some of its functionalities, however, there are plenty of other investigations that you can perform using it. Backlinks analysis is the primary area where the marketers would love to use Open Site Explorer because it shows how many backlinks are pointing to your site. Besides that, you would also like to use it to understand the backlinking strategies of your competitors in your niche.

Atul Kumar

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