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5 Social Media Marketing Bloopers You Should Avoid From Today

Hey, online marketers. Yes, we are talking to you. Get another pair of eyes on your social media post before you publish them because even a single mistake can leave long-lasting damage to your brand’s reputation and goodwill, especially when it comes to social media marketing. Needless to say, social media is the ‘land of trolls’ and most probably you are well aware of this. Right? But, this doesn’t mean that you have to run away from social media instead you should come up with an effective social media marketing plan that actually works. Then, only you can engage your targeted audience and harness the benefits like many successful business organizations. However, making social media marketing plan work for you is not as easy as it appears. Alas! There are many snares and pitfalls all along the road to success. So, if you want to build a strong presence of your business on social media, you need to refine your marketing strategies and steer clear of these 5 common yet cringe-worthy mistakes at all costs.

#1 Don’t Jump Onto The Bandwagon Without An Effective Plan

One of the common mistakes social media marketers make is posting updates without having an effective plan. Posting blindly will take your brand literally nowhere and many companies have experienced this, might be you could be one of them. If so, you must have clear, definite and realistic plans to measure the effectiveness of your social media campaign and accomplish your goals & milestones.

#2 Paying For Fake or Bogus Likes and Followers – ‘No Real Followers’ 

You might have seen that many companies pay a handsome amount in exchange of tons of fake likes and followers – but is it actually worth doing? To be very honest, it’s a big ‘NO’ because it does more harm than good to your brand reputation and not to forget an inevitable risk of getting your account banned, suspended or deleted.

#3 Getting Your Hands on Every Social Media Channel

Another common mistake that social media marketers make is creating profiles on multiple social media networks to reach out to a wider audience. If you are also doing the same, it’s time to optimize your use of social media networks by narrowing it down to three or four so that you can easily manage them and make the most out of it. Even, recent studies show that you can expect the best results from your social networks by utilizing not more than 3 different platforms. For example, if your business is more quirky in nature, you should look for Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. And, if your business is professional in nature, you should look for Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook. Using Facebook as one of your 2 or 3 social media platforms is in your best interest.

#4 Using Too Many Hashtags Can Make Your Post Look Like A Spam

No doubt, hashtags improve the reach of a post on social media networks but using too many hashtags can make your post look like spam. Besides this, using irrelevant or unnecessary hashtags not only have the opposite effect but also make your business look unprofessional. For example, #If #your #post #on #Facebook #or #Instagram #looks #like #this, then it can be a big turnoff.

#5 Don’t Copy-Paste The Same Post On All Social Networks

You need to understand that every social network has a different sort of audience. For example, LinkedIn is meant for professionals, Pinterest you reach mainly for fashion-forward women, while Facebook is for sharing candid moments with friends. That’s why social media pundits strongly discourage copy-pasting the same post on all social networks.

By avoiding these cringe-worthy mistakes, you can give a better social media experience to your followers. If you want to know more on the same, you can contact us anytime by dropping an email to info@impressicodigital.com

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