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Is SEO A Scam? Or A Gateway Of Success For Your Online Business

By the time you read this blog post, there is someone, somewhere who will be ripped off by a deceitful SEO consultant or by a dodgy SEO agency. Yeah, it’s true. It seems that in every profession where there is a desire of getting quick results there are scams, rip-offs, and deceitful sales pitches. And, SEO is one of them.

Every day you come across so many emails from so-called “SEO experts” claiming to improve your website search engine rankings. Even some claim that they know the success formula for getting your website at the top on the Google search engine result pages (SERPs). Isn’t it? Well, there are hundreds of thousands of such professionals who may or may not improve your website’s search engine rankings but for sure they will pull off your all money without doing much. And, this may be the reason why most of the people get sceptical when it comes to hiring an SEO consultant. But, it doesn’t mean that you won’t find an ethical and legitimate SEO company in Noida. Enlisted below are some points that you need to keep in mind before you hire an SEO company or a consultant for your website.

We Are Expert in Google Algorithms 

When an SEO consultant or an agency says that they are expert in Google algorithms, you need to stay alert because they are trying to fool you. The algorithms of Google are not only complex to understand but also dynamic in nature and update on a periodic basis. It could be possible that someone has good knowledge about Google Algorithms but it won’t be possible to become an expert on that.

Only We Know The Secret Formula For Ranking At The Top   

To rank at the top on the Google search engine result pages (SERPs), one needs to make efforts constantly using the right approach from the beginning instead of looking for the secret success formula. If an SEO consultant says that he knows the secret formula for success, maybe he is talking about unethical means or simply trying to grab your attention by saying so. 

We Have Links With People Working At Google  

There are many SEO consultants out there who claim to have links with people working at Google or have insider information about the secret formula of SEO success. If somebody says exactly the same, stay alert from that person or agency. Even if someone has a connection, the person working at Google will never get engaged in any sort of fraudulent keeping his job at the stake just for the sake of getting some websites rank at the top.

Guarantee To Bring Your Website At The Top   

Always remember that nobody can give a guarantee to bring your website at the top. And, if somebody is claiming for doing that, it is a pure scam. Guaranteed first-page ranking is something that can’t be promised. A well-experienced SEO consultant can promise good exposure and visibility of your website over the web but the promising guaranteed first-page ranking is something that is not at all feasible.

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Atul Kumar

Atul Kumar is a Digital Marketing Manager at Impressico Digital with over a decade of experience, making him the go-to expert for SEO, PPC, Social Media, Email Marketing, and Content Marketing. With a deep understanding and expertise, Atul has helped numerous businesses improve their digital presence and strategies to maximize ROI.

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