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Google Image Search Will Now Display Results For Videos & Recipe Data Too

With the new algorithm update, Google will now show results for both videos and recipe information on Google image search. Earlier this year Google was testing the same, but now it seems Google has successfully deployed it on mobile search results. But, do you know what you need to do to appear your videos on Google image search results. No, alright we are going to tell you the same in this blog post. So, just continue your reading to find it out. Well, you don’t have to do anything big to get your videos on Google image search results. With the help of structured data markup, your videos and recipe information will show up on Google image search results.   

Aaron Bradly was the first person to notice this change. He took to Google+ to share this algorithm change with others and posted with the caption “Videos and recipe information now accessible via image search”. In his opinion, this newly launched feature by Google seems to be a derivative of the new supported schema around the images.  He also said that the way it works is by incorporating a site link to a related video after opening an image on Google image search.   

After tapping on the watch button, you will be redirected to the youtube application. He also mentioned that he had not seen a non-YouTube video in image search results so far – even if the structured data markup is correct. Here is another image of the recipe which he shared on Google+.  

To check the results for yourself, visit Google image search on your mobile phone and search for the keywords as shown in the above images and tap on the image results. You’ll see the same details as listed above. However, Google has not said anything about excluding non-YouTube results. So, we can expect a change in the near future.  

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Atul Kumar

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