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Local Search Optimization – Need Of The Hour To Expand Your Customer Base

First Panda, after that Penguin and then, the swift and precise ‘Hummingbird.’ You catch it, right. We are not at all talking about the birds and animals. These are well-known Google’s algorithm updates that shook up the entire search engine optimization world. Aren’t they? But, not many businesses paid any heed to another big algorithm update rolled out by Google in 2014….’The Pigeon’. Since this update, the importance of local search engine optimization has grown tremendously, particularly with the rise of smartphone usage and better connectivity.

Today, 82% of smartphone users do local searches to locate a business in their area. And, this percentage is indeed going to increase in the next 1 year. So, if you are new to local search and wondering where to start? You should consult a professional local SEO company to put your company at the top of the list. It comes with no surprise that local competition is heating up with each passing day, and if your business is not on top of the results, you’ll surely lose a lion’s share of the traffic, leads, sales and return of investment (ROI).

Atul Kumar

Atul Kumar is a Digital Marketing Manager at Impressico Digital with over a decade of experience, making him the go-to expert for SEO, PPC, Social Media, Email Marketing, and Content Marketing. With a deep understanding and expertise, Atul has helped numerous businesses improve their digital presence and strategies to maximize ROI.

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